Designed in Prague, Czech Republic by Keaps. One of my favorite graffiti and calligraphy artists in the world. I was introduced to his work by my good friend Apexer. I personally have a deep love for calligraphy, and searching for different styles especially in the underground world of street artists. There are so many great styles and amazing artists who master the lines, and I've been hunting for that perfect style to compliment Black Scale for awhile. Once I seen Keaps hand style I knew it was the one. Getting to know him over the years and watching his moves and progression as an artist, you can really see and feel the energy behind his work. From graffiti, canvas paintings and now tattoos, the gifts of God keeps giving so we all can feel that energy Keaps shares with the world through his work.



Conversation -



- How did you get the graffiti/tag name Keaps?

The name was self given. Mostly out of convenience because of the shape and symmetry of the letters.


- How did you get involved with graffiti?

I was inspired by a friend of a friend that was already in the scene. I saw him paint some things in a magazine with markers and later some tags with spray cans. Which led me to start working on my own letters and styles.


- How did you get your style?

I focused on creating a style that was different. But ultimately came down to devotion and my development as an artist. A lot of practice...


- Why did you leave Mexico, and what led you to residing in Czech Republic?

I left Mexico for many reasons, but mostly just to explore. I always dreamed of living in Europe. Czech was not in my plans, but eventually the opportunity arose and I took it, and stayed.


- Why did you choose to collaborate with Black Scale?

I love the concept of the brand. It's story...and was able to relate to the graphics. When I was offered the collaboration I knew immediately I would take it.


- What led you to tattooing and how long have you been practicing?

I have always been interested in tattoos! I can remember when I was younger I would always pass a tattoo shop and try to sneak a look inside and wonder to myself about the craft. My first actual experience with tattooing wasn't until after my first small bid, and since then I've been practicing and doing y thing.


- As an artist do you find that graffiti and tattooing are very different in terms of skill or do you think they align well together?

Well, they go hand in hand. Technique obviously differs, but I love what is happening now with the fusion of the two. So many tattoo artists and artists in general have a graffiti background so its beautiful to see what it has developed into, and now with calligraphy in the mix it just makes it much better.