$ 160.00

Black Scale x Geoide Planter


Ceramic w/ screen printed graphics

Medium skull:
Lenght: 16 cm
Wight: 12 cm
Height: 11 cm 
Average weight: 1 kg
Large skull:
Lenght: 32 cm
Wight: 23 cm
Height: 23 cm
Average weight: 3 kg 
Made in Mexico City, Mexico
Geoide was born with the idea of creating objects that combine art, design, science and crafts, through formal concepts with a global focus.
Geoide is the theoretical, geodesically determined shape of planet Earth. Our brand is interested in projecting a global vision of design and the relationship of the human being as a species aware of its environment and the universe itself.

Of course, we have a direct influence from the worldview inherited by pre-Hispanic cultures.

We create extraordinary objects for everyday life and the material that predominates in our pieces is ceramic, exploring various techniques, processes and finishes.

And we have collaborated with different artists, artisans, designers and brands.
Our pieces are sold in museum stores in Mexico City such as MUAC, MAP, MUMEDI, MODO, Franz Mayer Museum, Headquarter, Arti! Cial Intelligence and in other latitudes such as Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid,Tokyo and Wiesbaden.

Skull Pot Concept:

The representation of life and death are embodied in this object in a poetic and symbolic way, showing the duality that is always present in our human experience. The skull represents us as the same entity and reveals our condition as living beings regardless of nationality, social class, sexual orientation, political or religious ideology.