Designed in Los Angeles, California by Brandon Casas, Matthew Bridge and Mega. Brandon Casas is the founder of OITC and got his start at Black Scale in 2012 and started in our warehouse to managing the entire facility to eventually leaving our team in 2018 to pursue new opportunities in the industry working with brands such as 424, RTA and Kith. For his infatuation and love for street fashion and art it was only right for him to start his own project in the form of One in the Chamber. 



Conversation -



- Introduce yourself:

I am Brandon Casas, from Whittier California. A city just Southeast of Los Angeles. I am a Husband, Father, Gentleman, a Scholar, and Streetwear fanatic, with 10+ years in the industry. I have a love for clothing that goes back to being a little kid watching the OGs in my family bust out the iron every morning to make sure they were as Fresh as can be.


- Tell us about your journey and break down the history of how you came about in wanting to pursue your brand:

From family inspiration, to being a Kid growing up in the 90’s surrounded by street culture. Magazines, TV, Gangster Movies, Hip Hop, Graffiti…It’s weird to think back to where my inspiration began it almost feels like I was just at the right place at the right time, absorbing everything I could which turned into a deeply rooted love for fashion. Picking out outfits the night before school, Circling the newest kicks in the Eastbay or ccs magazines, reading up as much as I could on forums and blogs... when it comes down to why I wanted to create a brand it all comes down to passion and love. My Passion and Love for clothing has allowed me the opportunity to express my creativity and bring ideas to life.


- How did you come up with the brand name and tell us the process?

One in the Chamber, the brand name came to me like an Idea Bulb from an old cartoon. When I first started putting together graphics, tech-packs, and other designs back in 2012 I was very pessimistic. I convinced myself that the Streetwear industry was over saturated and that if I were to create a brand, it would just be a waste. However, I couldn’t convince myself to stop creating, and don’t get me wrong some of the shit I designed is exactly that...Shit. But the creative inside of me would not let the idea of having my own Brand die. It took real life events to break me out of my own self-inflicted funk. Having a daughter and getting married really changed my perspective on life. It allowed me to prioritize what I wanted out of life and made me realize that I had invested so much time and effort into creating for so long that I had one shot to bring my ideas to life and create a brand…either that or I could just die with my one shot in the chamber.


- What is the meaning of OITC?

To me One in The Chamber is a mindset, or Mantra. It boils down to ultimately believing in yourself. Letting go of fear, and doubt, taking risks. If you have ever had an idea, a dream, any inspiration to create something bigger and better for yourself SHOOT YOUR SHOT.


- How long has the brand been around?

I released my first friend and family collection in 2019. I have had one release per year since then.


- What do you wish to accomplish with the brand?

I have already accomplished what I set out to do, which was get my ideas out of the computer and onto physical product. If my ideas, designs, or brand can inspire anyone to go after their dreams then it was all worth it. My next accomplishment would be to have the brands following grow and have my products on shelves in retailers worldwide.


How do you see the brand mixing in with today’s terrain in streetwear and street culture?

I feel like my brand can mix in in with the OG’s and Heavyweight in the industry. I treat streetwear like a full contact sport. This is a passion project for me, I have no investors; I fund this brand all on passion and I’m in competition only with myself.


- Who and what brands inspire you?

My surroundings are a constant source of inspiration for me, I find inspiration in nature, in architecture, in artwork, in music, television, in the streets of the city. My favorite brands that have inspired me throughout the years would have to be – Black Scale, Hall of Fame, Deadline, Fuct, WTaps, Neighborhood, Stussy, Supreme.


- If you can hybrid any of the brands you love what are the brands if any would you put together that comes close to OITC?

The brands that I love that that if put together would come close to what I’m trying to accomplish with OITC would be – Black Scale and Fuct.
Both Brands have proven the ability to stir up controversy based on not being afraid to express themselves with graphics, words, or imagery which would normally be taboo. I love when a brand can convey a message with a just a graphic, I feel that is the backbone of Streetwear.


If you feel you have a unique brand that lives in its own world, tell us why that is:

My brand is a series of my own personal life events put into graphic form. It is essentially my creative minds diary, and I live by the quote “great minds don’t think alike, great minds think for themselves.”
I will not conform to the normal fashion calendar; I will not release something I wouldn’t wear myself. I will not put out a product for trends or to sell out. I will only release product with the intentions of organically making my dreams a reality.